When to Use Twilight for Listing Photos

Exposed by Light Real Estate Photographer Austin, TX
Exposed by Light Austin,TX Real Estate Photography

Twilight photos have a tendency to grab the viewer’s attention when browsing through listing photos. Something about the glowing yellow and blue colors can really transform an ordinary home into a luxury listing. While that is a good reason to purchase twilight photos, it’s still a good idea to do your homework to ensure twilight photos are a good investment for the listing.


Does the home have plenty of windows?

While the color of the sky plays an important role in a twilight photo, how well the house illuminates is equally as important.  You don’t want the photo to just be a dark house at night.  Plenty of windows from well-lit rooms is attractive to us because it conveys a sense of “shelter”.  The contrast also adds a dramatic touch to the photos. 


Are there relaxing features to the listing?

Sunsets have a way of promoting calm and relaxing vibes.  One way to accentuate this feeling is by having relaxing features of the home photographed at twilight.  For example, if the house has plenty of patio furniture, twinkle lights, fire pit, or even a pool, then the listing should be considered a great candidate for twilight photos. Those features will help the potential buyers see themselves relaxing and/or entertaining during the evenings in that home, which is a big draw. 


Plenty of light sources?

We covered the importance of windows.  Another important feature needed is additional light sources. For example, exterior wall lights help illuminate the house and look amazing in twilight photos. Walkway lights around the backyard or in the front yard also provide an ample source of lighting.  I personally am very drawn to exterior lights that light up trees in the front or back yard.  They also photograph really well. 


Is there a lot of inventory in the market?

If the market is hot, you can be sure the listing will be one of many that show up in search results each morning.  Studies have shown that having a twilight photo as the cover photo can generate more clicks compared to listings with a cover photo taken during the day. Twilight photos will help the listing stand out amongst competition. 


Twilight photos can be a great choice when putting a new listing on the market. However, there are times that it’s not appropriate. As mentioned a couple of times, not enough light sources would make the listing not a good candidate for twilight. Additionally, if it’s a water front property, it would be better to take listing photos during the day so lake or ocean views can be seen.  Following the short check list above should help you quickly determine the right choice.