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Real Estate Marketing: The Advantages of Staging

It’s no secret that I love to photograph a nicely staged home.  Aside from the better results delivered in photos and print, there are many other great reasons to stage a home. Staging plays a big role in first impressions for buyers.  It can also create a more emotional purchase that can generate more money for the seller. If you’ve got a house coming on the market soon and are on the fence as to whether or not to stage it, take a look at the advantages listed below to determine if staging is the right direction for your listing. 

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7 Tips to Achieve a Sell Worthy Master Bedroom

When marketing a new listing, the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms to showcase.  Assuming the buyer is purchasing the home for his or her personal use, this will be one of their most used rooms.  According to USA Today, 60% of home buyers said they would pay extra for a nicer master bedroom than they currently own.  It’s important showcase your master bedroom in the best possible way to make it attractive and sell worthy. Before you get started on your professional photos, check out these helpful tips below: 

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