8 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Event Space for Photos

Exposed by Light Real Estate Photography Austin, TX

If you’re looking to rent out your space as an event venue, then you’re probably in need of some photos of your space. Good photos are important as they give potential clients an idea of the space and a feel for what guests could expect from an event at your venue. 

Hiring a photographer who specializes in photographing spaces is important.  Chances are your space probably has large rooms and high ceilings.  You need a photographer who uses the right equipment to be able to capture the look and feel of those spaces in it’s entirety.

Whether you’re doing the photos yourself or hiring a photographer, you can benefit from a few simple steps below to help your venue look it’s absolute best in the photos:

1.)  Discuss selling points with the photographer. This step is important. Before you begin the photo session, do a walkthrough with the photographer. Let them know how you want it to be captured (dark and moody, light and bright, etc.). If you’ve got some great nooks you know potential clients will love, let the photographer know so they spend more time on those areas. 


2.)  If any of your space is indoors, turn on the lights and illuminate any light fixtures.  It’s important that enough light is in the space to be able to take a clear photo. 


3.)  Clean bars and countertops: Remove any clutter and ensure the area is wiped down.


4.)  Simple staging: If you’ve got a large outdoor area you intend to use for seating or dining, set it up as so to help potential clients visualize how that area can be used.


5.)  Clean the floors.


6.)  Neatly push chairs in to the tables and bars. This is especially important if you have a bar. You want to make sure all bar chairs are pushed in and angled the same direction.


7.)  Turn off TVs. Unless it’s a still photo screensaver, TVs always photograph better completely off.


8.)  Mow the lawn and ensure the landscaping is in the same condition as your clients would use it. 


I often get questions about having people in the photos. This is about as equally preferred as it is not preferred.  If you are on the fence, go ahead and take some photos with people and some without so you can have examples of both to use for marketing. 

Once you’ve got your photos complete, I suggest signing up with a venue management company.  Not only do they handle most of the client facing communication, they provide added exposure to help boost your bookings!