Boost Your Listing’s Exposure with Virtual Tours

Exposed by Light Real Estate Photography Austin, TX

The real estate market in Austin, Texas is hot right now.  It’s essential to use eye catching listing photos to grab your viewers’ attention. Once you’ve got their attention, the next step is to keep their attention.  A great way to achieve this is through the use of virtual tours.  


What are virtual tours?  A virtual tour is a high definition presentation that displays property details alongside one or all of the following: still photos, panoramas, video, and interactive floor plans.  Agents and buyers alike enjoy these because the virtual tours are delivered in a URL that is both desktop and mobile friendly.


In addition to virtual tours being an easy way to consume the various types of multimedia and listing details, they also boost your exposure.  How so you ask?  Our virtual tours have the ability to publish to, Trulia, Zillow, Google and other property search sites.  As a result of this feature, that listing now generates traffic from multiple referral sources as opposed to MLS alone. 


A key benefit to working with a realtor is being able to access listings that are listed exclusively on MLS.  While I wouldn’t recommend anyone go through the buying or selling process without a realtor, MLS search access is restricted to only realtors. When posting a virtual tour online, the general public is then able to return that listing from their own online search results. This increases your audience to more than just realtors. 


Finally, if you’ve got your own real estate website, our virtual tours will link back to your website. This increases search engine optimization (SEO), which is also an added benefit of increased exposure. It’s also a nice branding touch.         




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