7 Tips to Achieve a Sell Worthy Master Bedroom

Exposed by Light Real Estate Photography Austin, TX

When marketing a new listing, the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms to showcase.  Assuming the buyer is purchasing the home for his or her personal use, this will be one of their most used rooms.  According to USA Today, 60% of home buyers said they would pay extra for a nicer master bedroom than they currently own.  It’s important showcase your master bedroom in the best possible way to make it attractive and sell worthy. Before you get started on your professional photos, check out these helpful tips below: 


1.)  Use neutral colors

Room colors can either boost or obliterate the attractiveness of a room.  While bright and bold colors can add tons of personality, it’s not wise to assume everyone has the same personality. We want potential buyers to be able to easily imagine their belongings and style in that space. Neutral colors also induce a calming feel to the room, which is an added bonus.  


2.)  Let in natural light 

Letting in natural light will help illuminate the room’s essential features. If you’ve got a great view – show it off!  If the views are underwhelming, then use privacy shades.  Privacy shades cover the windows and at most will only slightly diffuse the natural light.  If you’ve got some room in your budget, spring for motorized blinds. I’m beginning to see these used more often in the real estate market.  Most motorized blinds these days are equipped with timers. Good quality blinds last a really long time and will help boost the value of your home.  


3.)  De clutter bathroom counter tops

As a photographer, I can’t stress this point enough.  If there are medication bottles, lotions, toothbrushes, etc. sitting on the counter, it will ruin the photo. These lessen look and feel of usable space. Not to mention this never photographs wells. It also ties back to goal of wanting potential buyers to be able to see themselves using the space. Nothing can prevent this more from happening than having the seller’s very personal belongings left out for photos and showings. 


4.)  Ensure adjoining bathrooms or nooks are photographed

It’s important that these features are easily highlighted in the photos. It also helps potential buyers get a better idea of the flow of the room. My only exception to this rule is inside master closets. Unless they are immaculate (think magazine ready), closets really don’t photograph well.   Ensure the closet is neat and organized for showings to help enhance the feel of the space. 


5.)  Remove dog beds, baby chairs

This is more important for photos rather than for showings. We want to appeal to all types of buyers. Not just those with dogs and or/children.  


6.)  Keep wall art to a minimum 

I would limit the wall hangings to 1-2 pieces for no more than 2 walls. When we live in that room, it’s natural to want to fill empty spaces. We find ourselves thinking “that wall needs something…”.  It’s easy to go overboard and could eventually mask the feel of a big room with high ceilings, etc. to someone seeing that room for the first time . 


7.)  Declutter bedside stands/tables

A place to put cups, glasses, bottles, alarm clocks. etc. is the exact purpose of a nightstand or bedside table. However, these don’t photograph well or look great for showings. Try your best to declutter the tables. Keep it to just a couple of stacked books, a tiny plant and/or decorative figurine.  For both showings and photos, it’s a good idea to illuminate the lamps or light fixtures to help warm up the feel of the space.


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