Increase Your Vacation Rental Bookings with Professional Photos

Exposed by Light Real Estate Photography Austin, TX

Whether you’re thinking of turning your property into a vacation rental property or would like to see more bookings for your current rental, take the time to consider hiring a professional photographer.   A professional photographer can produce photos that prompt travelers to want to experience your property. The main reason for this is because a vacation rental photographer will know to look for both factual and emotional aspects of your home. Pulling both aspects together will help sell the “experience” to travelers. 

Before you get going with your photos, take a look at the tips below to ensure your property good to go for photos!


1.    Outfit your space with nice furniture:  This is key for a photographer to be able to produce photos for an “experience”. Create an inviting space with nice furnishings and décor. If you want top dollar for your rental, you need to make it look top dollar. 


2.    Consider twilight photos:  If the backyard has lots to offer such as outdoor dining, pool, hot tub, etc., consider a twilight shoot. Some nice shots of twinkle lights, a bubbly hot tub, lit fire pits will help increase your bookings.  As many travelers are out and about during the day, it’s very important to show them how they can enjoy your property during the evening. 


3.    Kitchens: Remember if travelers only needed a bed and bathroom, they would go to a hotel. Show off your kitchen and remind them of why they are doing short term rental as opposed to going to a hotel. Stock the kitchen with the essentials, but also make sure some of these essentials can be viewed from the photos. For example, if you’ve got a nice coffee maker, stage a coffee station on the counter with mugs, creamer, and sugar. For the bar, set out a bottle of wine with some wine glasses. Lastly, make sure the stove, microwave, refrigerator are in the photos. Lots of folks specifically look for those features when searching for a rental.  


4.    Bathrooms: Set out some travel size lotions, shampoos, and soaps along with some wash cloths and towels for the photos. As someone who has hosted plenty of guests, it’s important to let the travelers know they do not need to bring their own towels and basic toiletries.  


5.    Bedrooms: Make the beds look comfy and inviting. Guests will be looking for big comfy beds. They also look for private bathrooms or easily accessible bathrooms. If there is a connecting bathroom to the bedroom, make sure it’s seen in the photos. Turn on the bathroom light and keep the door ajar so it’s easily viewed from the photos. 


Always keep in mind the influences good photographs can have on your audience.  Not only can they increase the volume of bookings, but it also has an impact on price.  Professional photos reflect on you from a business standpoint and can help support a higher price range. 


jessica johnson